1967 CESSN 172
Under exclusive contract to AllAviation West Coast, Inc.

TT 4798
SMOH 1782
Fresh Annual on September 14, 2017 good to 1 Oct 2018
All LOgs, Wheel Pants, STOL Kit, 4 Place Intercom, 1Pc Windshield
Mark 12 D digital NAVCOM w/GS
CP 126 Audio Panel with 3 Lite MB
KR 6 ADF (Inop)
Verrical card Com[pass
1 PC Windshield
Car Gas STC
Spin on Oil Filter

Note: Aircraft is located in California. We have a highly experienced ferry pilot with whom we often work. He has airline privelges and as such you will not have any
airline expenses, only his very reasonable wages. He is not affiliatwed with AllAviations and as such you will deal with him directly for all arrangements and payments..



AllAviation West Coast, Inc
813-230-4120 (Nick)
612-715-0598 Jim)