I will completely evaluate the aircraft you are proposing to purchase from the buyer beware perspective. I will provide you with an appraisal of current market value.  If you wish, we will arrange to check your avionics for y2k compliance.


Unless you have the personal experience and the time to do such an evaluation on your own, you may well be easy pickings for many of the less than honest people who simply want to unload an aircraft. Many pitfalls are associated in the purchase of an aircraft. My 44 years experience in the aviation industry surely will steer you away from most of them.


I will travel to the sellers airport and completely evaluate the airplane for you, as per the check list you will find on this site. Having a check list is one thing, knowing how to apply it is another. I have that knowledge and more importantly I have that experience. Once I have completed my evaluation I will discuss the findings in detail with you. Based on that discussion you will be able to make an intelligent decision to proceed or abort the deal. If you want to continue, a mechanical evaluation will be next. I will assist you in finding a local qualified shop to do that for you, and I will stand by while the inspection is performed to assure it is done correctly and completely in accordance with your instructions.


By utilizing my 44 years of professional experience you will gain knowledge that you could not have yourself, unless you have been active in the industry as long as I have. I have bought, sold, and flown hundreds of aircraft of all types over these years. My service will point out many of the problem areas that some sellers would rather not tell you about. By knowing any such problems prior to closing the deal, you will be able to negotiate with the seller should you wish to continue with the purchase. Many times thousands of dollars can be reduced from the agreed selling price, or the seller may be persuaded to effect improvements and repairs which would not have been done had I not been on the spot to point out these situations and or problems. By assuring that a proper title search is conducted by a good title company, you will have the assurance that you actually own the airplane free and clear and are not going to be in for a surprise down the road. Remember, airplanes do not have a title like a car. Liens are recorded with the FAA but ownership can change hands even if the airplane has liens against it by a prior lender. I will work with your lender should you be financing the purchase and get them what ever they need to expedite the closing for you. I can also assist in finding the best possible aircraft financing and aircraft insurance. Yes, it would be cheaper to take the sellers word that his airplane is the best that has ever flown, but once the puffing is over, did you buy a cream puff or has your money gone up in a puff of smoke? I will help you avoid many major problems.

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