Aircraft Locator

I can locate any airplane you wish by utilizing my 44 years experience in the industry and my personal knowledge and friendship with many of the leading aircraft dealers in the world. I also know how to use the major listing services and advertisements to your maximum benefit. My service will save you valuable time and money. I will be able to weed out most of the airplanes that would not fit your needs simply by talking to owners and asking them the right questions . I can often avoid the expense of on site inspections by means of these early telephone conversations. Who wants to travel all over the country only to find out that the beautiful described airplane turns out to be less than described dream machine, and in may cases turns into a junk pile that you would not own if it was given to you? You just can't beat my  44 years experience in this industry. We know engines, airframes and avionics. Remember, even if we should not know the answer to any particular problem or situation, we know the person or persons who do have the answer. The small fees you will pay us now will save you big dollars down the line; the later is very often very expensive. Once I have found your airplane, be it single or multiengine, Piper, cessna, Beech Gruman or what ever, we stand ready to check you out.  Customer service does not end with the sale, we will be available to you at any time. You may wish to utilize our pre purchase evaluation service described further on this site. 
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